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advertising agencies News Paper Advertising

Parichay Advertising and Marketing Agency has led the way in Front Page Advertising, evolving from one of the first advertising Company in Delhi / NCR, with our happy clients

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advertising agencies Digital Media Marketing

We had a team of experts to convert our Name into Brand via Digital media. We know how to get maximum Output from minimum Investment. That's Why we are one of the best digital marketing.

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advertising agencies Electronic Media Marketing

Electronic marketing refers to the application of marketing principles and techniques via electronic media. Most of business considered Electronic marketing equivalent to Digital Marketing

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advertising agencies TV Channel Advertising

Parichay advertising serving Tv Advertising services to their clients since 1993 and advertising partner of almost all Tv channels. If you're thinking for Tv advertising then we are best option for you

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advertising agencies Radio Advertising

Radio is an extremely effective medium — ensures wide coverage and cost effectiveness. . We have tie-ups with national as well as regional FM stations. And of course, we will help you in creative

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advertising agencies Hording Ads

Hoarding advertising is the most preferred outdoor advertising media today. We create an effective advertisement hoarding and place them on best location so that your ad reaches target audience

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advertising agencies Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is process of getting Traffic to your business through social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. We take Social Media Optimization as most important tool

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advertising agencies Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is getting your website to first page of Search engine (Google, Bing or Yahoo) on your Products or Services. Parichay advertising agency expert in SEO technique

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is utilized by many businesses in whole world. We use Email Marketing for our every client. Its Low cost and very useful media of advertising.

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Parichay Advertising is one of the most experienced Advertising Agency in Delhi NCR for publishing Matrimonial, Property, Recruitment, Education, Business, Name change, Public Notice, Obituary, Remembrance News Paper ads at lowest rates.

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Text Classified

Text Classified ads are only print in classified page of Newspaper. These ads are most cost-effective mode of advertisements. Accurate cost depend on ads line/per word basis. Text Classified means just text no Graphics. Ex. ads advertising agencies

Display Classified

The Classified ads with Graphics called Display ClassifiedThey are little costlier than the regular classifieds. Accurate Cost depend on size if add per in centimeter/per square centimeter basis. Classified Display advertisements are acceptable only in single column i.e. the width of Classified Display advertisements can vary from 3 cms to 4 cms and the maximum height of Classified Display advertisements can be 52 cms but should not be less than 4 cms and 5 cms as per the publication guidelines. Ex. ads

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Display Ads

These type of Ads are display in any page of Newspaper depend on advertiser requirement. These types of advertisements are the high-impact variety and the costliest types of advertisements. These advertisements can be of any size in width/height but should not be less than 4 cms in width and 3 cms in height. They can be colour/black & white. Ex. ads advertising agencies

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