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We know what radio advertising can do so we have tie-ups with national as well as regional FM stations to help you in creative adverting through Radio to boost your brand value and turnover.

Why you required Radio Advertising ?

Radio is an extremely effective media for advertising - ensures wide coverage and cost effectiveness. A radio jingle or a brand placement in a show, where the jockey postulates the brand message in a line-or-so, goes deep in the consumer's mind and generates greater brand recall. Most of occasions, your target audience is alone at that point of time to listening to music/news, so it become more powerful tool to sell product/services or create brand.

Advantages of Radio Advertising

Very Large Audiences - Radio reaches very large audiences infect in Villages also.
Cost Efficient - As per their coverage Radio ads are very Cost Efficient.
Personal Touch - During listening Radio most audience are Alone at that point of time and they totally focused on Radio.

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