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It gives us immense pleasure to introduce us as PARICHAY ADVERTISING & MARKETING AGENCY a reputed firm with turnover of 8 -10 crore . We are authorized from all reputed newspapers, TV channels & Digital Media.

Work Profile

Parichay Advertising Agency is a full-service advertising agency based in Delhi, India. Their work involves providing a range of advertising and marketing services to clients across various industries, with the goal of helping these businesses achieve their marketing objectives.

Some of the services offered by Parichay Advertising Agency include:

1. Branding:
This involves creating and developing a strong brand identity for a business, including the brand name, logo, and other visual elements.

2. Creative advertising:
Parichay Advertising Agency creates advertising campaigns that are designed to grab the attention of the target audience and promote the business in a positive way.

3. Digital marketing:
This involves using digital channels such as social media, email, and search engines to promote the business and reach a wider audience.

4. Media planning and buying:
Parichay Advertising Agency helps clients plan and execute their advertising campaigns across various media channels such as television, print, radio, and online.

5. Public relations:
This involves managing the public image of the business and building positive relationships with stakeholders such as customers, media, and investors.

Overall, the goal of Parichay Advertising Agency is to help businesses build their brand, increase their visibility, and reach their marketing objectives through effective advertising and marketing strategies.

Our Aim

Our aim is to always serve our clients in a better way with comparable prices and quality service. We always tried to give satisfaction of maximum level to our clients in other words our goal is to make quality work for all our clients whether they are a big company, an institute, a shopkeeper or an individual .

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